How To Grow a Montauk Daisy

The Montauk Daisy - some of us love them, some of us hate them (the smell of the leaves is offensive to some). Montauk is famous for them in late September and October, when they bloom profusely in gardens, along the road and even on the cliff. The botanical name for this ubiquitous daisy is Chrysanthemum Nippon. There are a few secrets to make your Montauk daisies look their best. They love acid soil, which is the natural soil in most of our area, and need lots of sunshine to look their best. Dress with compost every spring to keep their soil healthy.

The rule of thumb for the Montauk daisy is 'cut it in half on the first of June and the first of December.' This will ensure that the plant does not get too leggy by the time it blooms, falling over in a very unattractive way. It will also ensure that it does not look messy all winter, but that it keeps some branches to foster next year's growth. They should never be cut all the way to the ground, as they can be lost in a severe frost that way. Perhaps if you are one of those folks who hates Montauk daisies, you might like them better when they are well-behaved, by following these rules.

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