Early Spring Newsletter

To My Hamptons Neighbors,

Happy 2013. We hope this letter finds you well. If you are at all like me, and look forward to the beginning of a new growing season, you're probably thinking spring please. However, if you enjoy snow this winter was for you. As we begin a new season there have been many changes in our industry, and weather patterns. The fertilization law went into affect October 1st; this law prohibits the application of fertilizer after this date and prior to April 1st. this was done to protect our precious ground water, as the water tables rise during these months. The changes that we have made to your turf care have been done to deal with these challenges. First we have added an application of Ammonium Sulphate to be done about April 1st. Your lawn will be very hungry this spring due to the timing of last fall's application. This will wake up your lawn and also help alleviate snow mold damage which many lawns will be infected with due to the length of snow and ice coverage this hard winter.

My feeling after last summer and the severity of the storms this winter, as well as watching weather patterns over the last 40 years and working with Mother Nature, is that we are going into another cycle of summers with hotter dryer conditions, and more severe weather. This pattern will increase the incidence of fungus diseases, in your landscape, and lawns. Our response is to be pro-active and preventatively apply 2 to 3 fungicide applications, in an effort to minimize fungus damage. These diseases develop approximately three weeks below the ground before we see the affects, and making it very hard for us to head off the damaging effects.

The cost of these products have made a substantitial change to the bottom line in your turf contract, however this is much less than a lawn renovation would cost. Our ultimate goal is to save you money and maintain your lawn at the high quality you expect and I demand.

Other changes that many of you, our clients have requested are that we include everything in their contract. Therefore we have carefully monitored your customized grounds maintenance program, and have included such things as mulch materials, disposal fees and any other additional services which have been necessary in maintaining the high quality of your property that you expect and deserve. We ask you to please review your contract carefully and contact us should there be any other services you require.

We are constantly striving to make your home in the Hamptons as carefree as possible. We would like to be your property manager. Our goal is for you to be stress free when you are here, not wasting another Saturday waiting for service people or deliveries. We offer complete home and grounds management and supervision, weekly security and home care including but not limited to electrical and carpentry repairs, home renovation and remodeling. Just call and leave all your needs to us. We guarantee professional care and your complete satisfaction.

We recently have become certified by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation as a go green company, offering you a 100% state certified, and approved organic program. Please call us for details, should you desire this type of program.

Our 2013 Grounds Maintenance Program Contracts will be mailed to our existing clients March 1st. For our future clients, we look forward to providing you with a free estimate. Our services are designed to meet any budget. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to give you a beautiful landscape that you will love coming home to.

My personal regards,

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