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What does "organic" mean?

The term "organic", (in the context of lawn & garden care) refers to the NATURAL ingredients used in the manufacturing or production of the products & materials used in/on your lawn, garden and landscape. "Organic" materials are derived from only natural sources. This means there are NO manufactured chemicals or components in "organic" products, and they are therefore safe to use & not destructive to the environment. On a deeper level, organic landscaping refers to an attitude toward our collective stewardship of the environment.

Our homes are where we have the most intimate relationship with our environment. When we use organic methods, we start from an attitude of building the health of the soil, of treating with respect our own homes, recognizing that we are an active part of the organic whole which makes up our planet. Here on the eastern end of Long Island, we have a particularly intimate relationship with nature, as at our doorstep are invaluable wetlands, an extremely important link in the food chain. We need to be mindful of nitrogen run-off and other pollutants which can damage the microbial action which goes on in these fragile landscapes

How effective can organic pesticides and fertilizers be?

This lawn has been treated organically for 3 years now. It has a few weeds, but it is green and rich and no one has to worry about children running barefoot or rolling around on the grass.

Properly prepared, organic fertilizers are the most beneficial form of fertilizer available. At Sperber Landscaping we like to look at the use of organic techniques as the creative approach to building fine lawns and gardens, as opposed to the negative approach of killing off unwanted plants with poisons to attain some false ideal of the perfect lawn. We encourage you to accept a few weeds - to consider that a green lawn can be beautiful without being perfect, especially when you consider the cost of such perfection. Organic pesticides can be extremely effective when properly used. There is a broad range of organic products available for everything from crabgrass control to control of aphids on your roses.

Does it cost more to use organics?

No. It is a common misconception that it is more costly to use organic methods in maintaining lawns, gardens and landscapes. In many cases it may actually cost less to use organic methods than using costly hazardous chemical pesticides or fertilizers, without even taking into account the added cost of handling such dangerous products, or the potential health risk's for those people exposed to such products.

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